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Efforts to support the mission

each project will have its own mission and goals


a sequential accounting of my practices and interests

This log is a chronicle of expansion and growth


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structure • logic • style

  • this site is the top level home for my endeavors
  • just the beginning - more to come

21.083 • at home with H J K L

developing a keyboard-centric mentality

March 24, 2021

  • documenting keyboard usage in the PHOTON platform
    • my setup
    • my configurations
    • screenkey
  • System76 LAUNCH keyboard
  • rethinking human computer interactions

Paradigms of Movement

navigating a pointer within a structure of information

  • keyboard as an instrument
  • translating thoughts to reality
  • martial arts
    • school of movement
    • training and practice


pointer and prompt

  • pointer within the data structure
  • prompt for commands
  • context
  • keymapping
  • capturing key sequences

Hierarchical Structures

navigating massive nested trees of data

  • navigation
  • hierarchies from the root to the bits at the end
    • sets within sets within sets
  • paths
  • pointers
  • parents, siblings, children
  • situational awareness


terminal fuzzy finder

can narrow down any list that is passed to it


shine light on wonder

  • explore the architecture of all that is
  • establish a foundation for the work
  • build an archive of knowledge
  • build tools for research
  • publish beautiful artifacts
  • attract a team


People and Ideas I want to know more about

Mostly mavericks and inspired thoughts

20.332 • capture and flow

processes for recording and publishing log entries

November 27, 2020

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