21.084: Demo of the PHOTON platform

a working tour of the system

March 25, 2021

the best way to understand the PHOTON platform is to see it in action

We're going to do our best to show you, rather than tell you about this program.

  • Douglas Engelbart

as I prepared this transmission, I realized that I have been sitting behind a screen nearly every day for the last 35 years.

countless hours of my conscious awareness towards the activities within an electronic environment.

distractions, obsessions, addictions, corruption

asking the fundamental question

Human Augmentation System

  • can one person do everything?
  • build a true assistant
  • commodities - not websites, or books
    the sets of
    data and operations
    knowledge and instructions
    structure and logic

united in style

eternal and fundamental in nature
situational awareness
specifications and documentations

self contained
do everything on board
all source and documentation for every component
minify - de-bloat

  • smaller tools designed to compose
    integrate - de-stove-pipe

movement within boundaries [] {} () <></>
word and block boundaries

common - similar to other platforms like hosting server

  • I run many of these scripts on my hosting server over ssh
    reproducible - scripts can quickly recreate the entire setup from scratch

change -

  • what we do with computers today is different than twenty years ago


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